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Monthly Archives: July 2014

A house close to the northwestern Mexican border with the United States. In 2012 two mass graves were found on the premises, where the bodies of potentially hundreds of murder victims had been dissolved in acid. The graves are now sealed, however, the remains alongside an estimated 17,000 liters of acid have also been sealed inside.



Some examples of a project I’ve been working on for a little bit, photographing around the edges of “gated communities” or private housing estates in northern Mexico. Although Mexico has one of the largest populations in the world living in such places, I would say the sentiments needed to build such walls can probably be found globally. Some of the embedded ideas include fear, the other, segregation, inequality, privatisation, etc.


“Rules organising urban space are patterns of social differentiation and¬†separation. These rules reveal the principles that structure public life, and¬†indicate how social groups relate to each other in the space of the city.” Teresa Caldeira City of Walls