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Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize

Very happy to be selected as a finalist in the Lange-Taylor Prize:




Sospechoso! (¿sí?)

¿Quienes deciden?_MG_0685


Keep Going?

Maybe I could photograph these people forever, I just feel it needs to be relevant…

Experimenting with more image protection… it’s sad to do it, however, sometimes it feels necessary.


“Many men in the shantytowns are trapped by highly gendered identity and behavioral expectations that collide with their life projects.”

“…learning to be real men among real malandros. Yet in their toughness and apparent invincibility he and his peers were strikingly vulnerable…”

Francisco Ferrándiz (Malandros)

Perhaps those that feel most vulnerable react the strongest, striving towards these aggressive ways of being as both a form of protection, and as a means of achieving dignity within a system that despises them.