El Cero

short stories


Untitled-102Still feeling reflective. These photos were taken in 2008. Yaya is from Chad, and he came to the United Kingdom to seek humanitarian protection. After having to wait for a  number of years, Tony Blair’s New Labour government finally gave him and his family leave to remain. Yaya liked to play the national lottery. Every week he wrote all the possible numbers out, crumpled them up, and allowed his son to pick out six at a time. One line of six lucky numbers would mean millions of pounds. Each line costs £1, and Yaya always had a strict budget for a certain amount of lines. That particular week his son picked one extra, but Yaya kept to his budget and didn’t place that line. When it came to the official draw, five of the numbers from the extra line were chosen, this would have meant hundreds of thousands of pounds for Yaya… he said he would never play the lottery again.


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