El Cero

short stories

Las Mismas Mamadas

Since leaving Mexico I’ve stayed in contact with the young men in my photographs mainly through Facebook. “Las mismas mamadas”, basically translates as “the same old shit”, and in this context it’s just the same old shit, as shown in the photographs, just keeps on happening. Thankfully somebody I knew very well during the project took the decision to go into a drug rehab, trying to take a much more positive step forward. Here are some extracts from Facebook conversations I’ve had in the last month:

“mas feo q antes vato mataron a dos señoras de por donde vivo y a un niño de 13 años we pss ya saves las mismas mamadas we”

“it’s worse than before, they killed two ladies close to where I live and a 13 year old boy, you already know it’s always the same old shit”


“ya se interno we”     “Como ya se interno?”      “yA se metio a un centro de drogadictos”     “se va a aventar 3 meses”

“he’s been interned”     “What do mean he’s been interned?”     “he’s gone into a drugs rehabilitation clinic”     “he has 3 more months”


“aier se iso un desmadrewe”     “nos peliamos vien machin con los mp”     “a mi me avrieron en el cueyo we”

“yesterday there was mayhem”      “we had a massive fight with the MP”      “they opened my neck”


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