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Last night I was watching 3 friends messing around in the bedroom of one of them. They’re good guys, smoke a bit of weed but nothing else, and they’re certainly not involved in anything darker. But one of them, Toni, is much more often than not the target of the jokes, or the slaps, or the criticism. Toni’s the weakest physically, emotionally and probably in any other way right now, and whether the others like it or not they seem to pick up on this quite easily and use it against him. For me the photos are quite dark, and put everybody in quite a negative light, where if you met these people on a normal day you really wouldn’t have anything to say against them. At the same time the photos reflect something which for me is quite real, and will happen in many places in general. It’s just a question of how to use the photos I guess, I’m not 100% comfortable with them.

I’m not sure anymore, sometimes I just feel dead…