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Monthly Archives: June 2012


“He was a great footballer but crack destroyed his lungs.”

“The police could never catch him he was such a fast runner.”

“The fights go on forever Tom, I have so many broncas with so many people.”



That’s the first picture I have of this nature.

A Holy drink…


“Hey, que haces puto?”

“Getting my cap back.”



Everyone has a story… And it makes you think, what can I repeat and what can’t I repeat? Can I put these people in danger?


Arte’s new home.

Fui a ver Arte otra vez en su casa, y tome este retrato otra vez tambien. Por lo menos ahora no tiene cosas saliendo de su cabeza! Es mas cercita, pero para mi lo veo mejor.

Toni’s a friend.

Wracked by solvent abuse, and carrying something inside that he just can’t face, Toni is like a walking skeleton.