El Cero

short stories

Last night…

I think I could finish this project with a lot of photos like these ones, I think these photos, or photos of this type need to be part of the final selection, but it can’t be all photos like this. These guys can be crazy, but like I’ve said, they’ve got their softer side, and I need to show both of these sides if I’m going to do these people any justice.

What sort of world is your son, brother, friend, boyfriend living in? Is it healthy, is it a good place to be?

Last night I was invited into the house of a friend for tacos, not somebody that belongs to La Banda, alguien que era un chavo antes, y ahora es un pintor. They don’t have much money, but he bought me supper, with a beer etc. People always treat me well.

Dante is a much friendlier person than this photo suggests – time to try again…


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