El Cero

short stories

Too much of a cliche?

Kike drives very fast.

“Tom this is your house. Anytime you want to come, we’ll be here.” Don’t take it literally, but it’s a nice gesture. I think in Britain we’d say something along the lines of, “feel free to drop-by anytime”.

“For three or four years we were always fighting with the other gangs around the neighbourhood, it was everyday. When the drug violence started all the fighting between gangs stopped. People don’t want to be on the street corners so much, but also people get married and have children, it calms you down.”

“What would the people prefer, the fighting we had before or the gunfire we have now?”

“How many sobrinos do you have Dante?” “I have three and I have a daughter as well”, I’ve known Dante for 4 months and this was the first time I’d heard he has a daughter. “I see her every now and again, they bring her to the house for 10-20 minutes and then she’s gone.”


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