El Cero

short stories

Don’t become romantic.

“15 – 20 people that I knew on a first name basis have been killed in this neighborhood over the last two years.” (For me the neighborhood is tiny.)

“If these people didn’t know you, you’d get it.”

However, Dante (67) told me he wants to quit all the substances, go back to school, get an education and become a photographer like me. He said he’d love to travel and meet people in the way that I do. It’s very positive to hear.

The older men have been shaped and hardened in the furnace. They have their ways, and it’s much harder for them to understand and accept difference: like me. Not that I’m trying to change them, but I guess I represent something that is different. The younger men are softer, they’re interested in knowing and learning. They seem to want to grow, they just need the confidence and of course the support to do it.

Everybody says I look about 5 years younger than I actually am. I think that’s probably a very subjective statement. I think I’ve just managed to lead a healthier life, due to place of birth, upbringing, education, available resources and so on… I also think it’s harder to notice my grey hairs with my haircut, and no light also helps.


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