El Cero

short stories



La Cumbia contains something quite dark when played into the early hours. The beat can be incredible, but the longer the night goes, the heavier and darker it becomes. The sickly smell of tolueno is everywhere, and the people never stop moving in their crazy dancing circles.

What is Mexico? It seems like I receive a mini culture shock every other day. Teaching a director from an international company in the morning, then trying to dance Cumbia in the evening. Do the different parts of this society have any real contact with each other? From what I see in this city the majority are more moreno, living in breeze block houses, speaking in a certain way, dressing in a certain way, dancing in a certain way, thinking and feeling in their own way. The minority are more huero, again with their own ways, it’s easier to understand, it feels like a wealthy European suburb. Then back into the colour, and back into a culture I can imagine being called Mexican.


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