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Don’t become romantic.

“15 – 20 people that I knew on a first name basis have been killed in this neighborhood over the last two years.” (For me the neighborhood is tiny.)

“If these people didn’t know you, you’d get it.”

However, Dante (67) told me he wants to quit all the substances, go back to school, get an education and become a photographer like me. He said he’d love to travel and meet people in the way that I do. It’s very positive to hear.

The older men have been shaped and hardened in the furnace. They have their ways, and it’s much harder for them to understand and accept difference: like me. Not that I’m trying to change them, but I guess I represent something that is different. The younger men are softer, they’re interested in knowing and learning. They seem to want to grow, they just need the confidence and of course the support to do it.

Everybody says I look about 5 years younger than I actually am. I think that’s probably a very subjective statement. I think I’ve just managed to lead a healthier life, due to place of birth, upbringing, education, available resources and so on… I also think it’s harder to notice my grey hairs with my haircut, and no light also helps.


El Sabado – “Men normally cook the barbecue”

A Woman on the Metro.

Repitiendo y repitiendo…

“Amor, no hablo con nadie cuando estoy hablando con tigo.”

“Amor, no hablo con nadie cuando estoy hablando con tigo.”

How many times does she have to tell him? I can’t hear what he’s saying but I feel I can hear his mind:

“Si me amas, harás lo que yo digo. Yo te controlo.”

I hope she might one day say: “Love, I love you, I respect you and I would do nothing to harm you, but I am also a human being just like you, and we are equal. You also need to respect and love me, both as a woman and a human being, you cannot control me. I am with you because I chose to be with you, and I can choose to be without you.”

El miercoles

A show of strength – cliche cliche cliche!!!

Taking drugs and alcohol can be like a show of strength, who can take the most, the hardest, who is the craziest? Getting fucked is funny, and the crazy things you’ve done are talked about afterwards. But there’s the other side, when you feel like shit, tired, guilty maybe for something, feeling paranoid and wishing you had something more positive to give all your energy. Just need to show that in a photo.

Light, light, light

A new tattoo.

The Dialectic

It wasn’t really a Dialectic as it was never an argument, but showing work, then sharing thoughts, sharing opinions, sharing knowledge, if done well can really take you somewhere. Thinking constructively is immense.

Me estoy asiendo el bien fuerte. What is it to be a man?



La Cumbia contains something quite dark when played into the early hours. The beat can be incredible, but the longer the night goes, the heavier and darker it becomes. The sickly smell of tolueno is everywhere, and the people never stop moving in their crazy dancing circles.

What is Mexico? It seems like I receive a mini culture shock every other day. Teaching a director from an international company in the morning, then trying to dance Cumbia in the evening. Do the different parts of this society have any real contact with each other? From what I see in this city the majority are more moreno, living in breeze block houses, speaking in a certain way, dressing in a certain way, dancing in a certain way, thinking and feeling in their own way. The minority are more huero, again with their own ways, it’s easier to understand, it feels like a wealthy European suburb. Then back into the colour, and back into a culture I can imagine being called Mexican.

Joven …work in progress,

A country of stats:

Mexico has a population of almost 115,000,000.

Mexico has the 12th largest economy in the world.

Mexican national Carlos Slim is the wealthiest man in the world.

Mexico has a GINI index of 0.450-0.499 – High Social Inequality.

Around 35-40% of Mexicans live in poverty (40-46 million people)