El Cero

short stories

Street Theatre

It’s 7.30am, you’re in a narrow one-way street. A young guy walks quickly past you. A car drives up the wrong way and stops alongside him. They’re 2-3 meters away. You’re not really paying attention. Then, time slows down.

– That’s a gun. Shit, that guy’s pointing a gun.

– I don’t know how long I just stood and stared.

You duck behind a car, you’re crouched next to the wheel. They back off, the guy runs past you. The car reverses after him. Two shots. The adrenaline’s making you shake. You walk down the street but there’s nothing to see, they’ve gone. There’s no sign, no blood. Time speeds up. The buses rumble past, the taxis beep advertising rides, the people are off to work and you’ve still got a full day with so many things to do.


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