El Cero

short stories

El Dentista

In the towns and cities near the border there are a huge amount of dentistry clinics, far too many for the size of the population in those towns. Going to the dentists in Mexico is apparently at least 500% cheaper than the US, and so many Americans will cross the border for their treatment. Dr. Rodriguez has been a dentist for the last 29 years. He says the majority of his patients are from the US. Some patients will drive 8 hours just to see him, and he has one patient that flies all the way from Florida. He says the last 4 years have been the hardest of his career, many US citizens have just stopped coming.


2 responses to “El Dentista

  1. Antonia Clark May 25, 2011 at 10:44 pm

    Truly amazing image ..as are the others, but, most especially, i like this one,

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