El Cero

short stories


Sitting on a bench in London recently, eating a tin of tuna with a few bread rolls for lunch, gave me an acute sense of homelessness. It’s been dawning on me over the last couple of months that I haven’t had a home to call my own since August 2009. It’s not that I’ve been destitute, I was just completely uprooted. I’ve stayed in the spare rooms and on the spare beds and sofas of family, friends and also complete strangers. I’ve slept in hotels, hostels, my wonderful tent, glorified caves and of course under the stars. It’s been a period I never expected to have. At times I’ve had a clear direction and aim but at other times I’ve just been wandering, bumping into places, landscapes, communities and the people that live within them. It’s only now that my life is changing again that I’m looking back and thinking about what’s just happened.


Waiheke Island

Lake Whatipu



Lake Tutira

Hawkes Bay

Tolaga Bay


Tyrone’s Place


Dad and Iona






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